Nail Thoughts clear builder base



This is the only Nail Thoughts builder base gel that has no color added. It is a completely CLEAR builder base formula! This gel (like the rest of the collection) is a semi hard gel formula, it can be soaked off, but still adds a level of strength to the nails. Cure in LED for 30-60 seconds.

Since this gel is a base coat AND a builder all in one, it saves so much time in the salon and layers of extra builder gel because of the all in one nature of it. Not only does it save you time, but it keeps the nail more lean and natural looking while still keeping the strength and integrity of it!

The Nail Thoughts base gels are a very unique formula that are not as soft as Mega Stick base, but not as hard as Platinum Bond Duo. Think of this as the perfect middle ground to add flexibility and strength to your clients nails with minimal lifting!

*Tip: I always build a little apex with my base coats on my client’s nails. I highly recommend you do the same with these base coats!

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10gram, 50gram